Installation of laminate flooring

We offer complete installation of laminate flooring. Our services include complete installing from the preparation of the foundation to the professional laying of the laminate flooring and its accessories. Our services include applying of self-leveling floor compunds, laying of the laminate flooring, installation of floor boards and accessories. Laminate flooring is one of the most preferred contemporary floorings for public works and offices, extremely suitable for your home or office, creating warm atmosphere, comfort and snugness in the rooms. The surface imitates wood and is protected by a high wear-proof layer over compressed paper. It is durable and easy to maintain. Waarom kiezen voor laminaat / laminaat /: • gemakkelijk onderhoud • lagere kosten van parketvloeren • hoge weerstand tegen slijtage coating • verschillende patronen laminaat, na te bootsen bijna elke natuurlijke vloeren Why should we choose laminate flooring /floating wood tile/: • easy to maintain • costs less than the traditional hardwood flooring • highly wear-resistent coating • variously figured laminate flooring, imitate almost all the traditional hardwood floorings When installing the wooden flooring the base of the floor is a significant factor for the high-quality performance of the laying of the laminate boards and the durability of the flooring. PUTTY – in order to lay the flooring you need a leveled and well-dried putty. Thus a better quality of the surface, better resistance and longer life of the completely installed flooring is achieved. To read more about this service click on the following link. KL-Montage guarantees high quality and professional treatment of every client. Our installation teams are built of skilled specialists with long year experience in quality application of all the products we offer. The life of the flooring does not depend on the quality of the flooring only but on the professional application and proper maintenance. We have the latest and state-of-the-art equipment to utilize when providing the services. If you want to make an enquiry call us or make your enquiry now. Our assistant will discuss your needs with you and offer you a professional solution.