Puttying and painting

We offer preparation and complete painting of apartments, offices, houses, shops and hotels. Our services include preparation of walls and ceilings to repair broken surfaces and poor appearance – fine coating and professionally applying latex paint, facade paint, polish, primer etc. The high quality of painting plays an important role for the modern appearance of your interior. The rooms are clean and fresh and it creates an atmosphere of coziness, comfort, freshness and cleanliness. Proper surface preparation before applying paint is required and this preparation depends on the condition of the walls and ceilings. Walls must be perfectly puttied. Any depressions and cracks on the walls have to be smoothed out with gypsum or lime mortar and the protruding irregularities have to be puttied. Before painting the surfaces need to be precoated with primer. The primer increases the cohesion of the paint and reduces the outlay, and as a whole contributes to the high-quality of the provided service of painting. KL-Montage recommends latex paints – one of the most environmentally friendly paints which come in a variety of colours, they are incombustible and stable and consist of micro polymer particles. Latex paints have a good covering capacity and can easily be cleaned with water, which makes it hygienic and easy to maintain. KL-Montage works with high-quality paints and materials of leading construction materials producers and materials of the client, approved by us. We guarantee the high quality and professional treatment of every client of ours. Our installation teams are of skilled specialists, with long year experience in providing quality services. We have the latest and state-of-the-art equipment necessary for providing high quality services. If you want to make an enquiry call us or make your enquiry now. Our assistant will discuss your needs with you and offer you a professional solution.