Sanding Parquet

We offer the service of hardwood floor scraping. Scraping of a high quality is a prerequisite for the long life of the flooring. Good flooring is an investment and its proper maintenance makes its life longer. Scraping is a process which is required in order to make the untreated flooring perfectly smooth and ready to be polished. We offer different solutions with respect to the flooring – untreated, painted, polished or worn out floors. Stain cleaning or complete leveling of the flooring. After scraping, the surface of the flooring is perfectly smooth – no lines, scratches and waves. Thanks to the process of scraping we are able to preserve the quality and the appearance of the flooring. The quality of the scraping is of a significant importance for the condition of the flooring after it is polished. We work with dust-free machines which guarantee minimum separation of dust particles. When scraping all the cracks are filled, which leads to better utilization qualities of the flooring. KL-Montage guarantees the high quality of the services it provides. Our installation teams are of skilled specialists with long professional experience. The life of a flooring depends not only on the quality of the flooring itself but on the professional execution of the installation and the proper maintenance. We have the latest machines to assist us in providing the services. If you want to make an enquiry call us or make your enquiry now. Our assistant will discuss your needs with you and offer you a professional solution.