You are seeking solution for leveling and modeling the floor in your home or office? We can offer you the complete service – puttying. Puttying is for leveling floor surfaces which guarantees constant and same quality; homogenous establishing of the structure of the floor and its even laying, drying and hardening reduces to minimum the risk of cracks formation. Puttying plays an important role of a thermal and sound insulator. It covers all the uneven places and makes the floor perfectly horizontal or with the desired gradient. After puttying a suitable floor covering can be laid. With respect to the solution sought we offer different types of stuccos for precise leveling and smoothing of the surface with the foundations (with not very big deviations from the horizontal plain and little unevenness) so that they become suitable for laying of floor tiles, hard and soft floorings as well as cement stuccos, which is used in cases when there is an wire mash, with the purpose of even distribution of the loading on the whole floor and prevention of the thermal insulating slabs against crushing and mechanical damaging. KL-Montage uses state-of-the-art materials which save time and effort and guarantee high quality of the ready end product. We use materials of the client which we have approved. Our installation teams are of skilled specialists with long year experience in quality application and installation of all of the products we offer. We have the latest equipment to utilize when providing the services. If you want to make an enquiry call us or make your enquiry now. Our assistant will discuss your needs with you and offer you a professional solution.