Hanging wallpaper

If your home needs refreshing and you need interior solution as an alternative of painted walls then wallpaper is exactly what you need. Wallpaper is extremely decorative solution. With its interesting colours and decorative patterns it personalizes your home. It is made of natural materials and does not contain harmful substances that could damage your health. It’s hygienic and easy to clean. Wallpaper can easily make your home look different. There are various types of wallpaper made of different materials on the market. You must choose the type which best suits your taste and budget. Here are the basic types of wallpaper: One-component wallpaper: made of one layer first quality paper. After colour and the pattern are printed relief decoration is added. Their durability is low compared to the other types of wallpaper. Relief wallpaper: made of two layers first class paper. The pattern is relief and this type is a more durable alternative. Vinyl wallpaper: the most common type of wallpaper used today. The outer surface is covered with polyvinyl chloride which makes the relief of the pattern more prominent. When hung on the walls the border between the sheets is not visible. It is easy to clean and is resistant to sunlight and other factors. Wallpaper which can be painted on: on vinyl base. It can bear several layers of paint applied over it. Glass textile: produced after drying fine glass fibers into a furnace. These glass fibers are then woven like a texture. Before hanging wallpaper of this type the surface must be very carefully prepared. Textile wallpaper: its outer surface is coated with textile. This type of wallpaper abounds in variety with respect to colours and texture. The advantage of this type of wallpaper is that it is acoustical. Fabric backed vynil: the backing is textile and the outer surface is made of polyvinyl chloride. It is prefect for hotels, restaurants and shops. Extremely wear-proof and high priced. Preparation for hanging wallpaper: The surface on which the wallpaper is to be hung must be completely dry, clean and smooth. Loose material and old adhesives as well as pieces of old wallpaper should be removed and scraped off and the wall must be perfectly smooth. The perfect surface for hanging wallpaper with vinyl coating is a gypsum plaster. KL-Montage guarantees high quality and professional treatment of every client. Our installation teams are of skilled specialists with long year experience in quality application of all of the products we offer. We have the latest and state-of-the-art equipment to utilize when providing the services. If you want to make an enquiry call us or make your enquiry now. Our assistant will discuss your needs with you and offer you a professional solution.